FL MGUARD RS4000 TX/TX-P – 2702259 VPN Server

Mã sản phẩm: FL MGUARD RS4000 TX/TX-P - 2702259


Mô tả:

FL MGUARD RS4000 TX/TX-P - 2702259 Dòng M2M Server gắn thanh Din với khả năng cho phép tối đa 250 VPN client , hỗ trợ tính năng an ninh mạng cao cấp cũng như khả năng lọc tập tin theo các giao thức như  OPC/Modbus, CIFS ..ect . FL MGUARD RS4000 TX/TX-P - 2702259 thích hợp dùng trong các hệ thống giám sát điều khiển xa quy mô nhỏ

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Your advantages

  • Maximum security
  • OPC firewall
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • OPC inspector
  • Maximum performance
  • Central management tool

Ambient conditions

Degree of protection IP20
Ambient temperature (operation) -40 °C ... 70 °C
Ambient temperature (storage/transport) -40 °C ... 70 °C
Permissible humidity (operation) 5 % ... 95 % (5 % ... 95%, relative humidity 95%, temporary condensation according to 3K7/IEC EN 60721-3-3 (except for wind-driven precipitation and ice buildup))
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Interface Ethernet
No. of ports 2 (RJ45 ports)
Transmission physics Ethernet in RJ45 twisted pair
Transmission speed 10/100 Mbps
Transmission length 100 m (per segment)
Signal LEDs Supply voltage, data transmission, error, link, activity
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Basic functions Router with intelligent firewall and OPC/Modbus inspector with ATEX and IECEx approval, from FW 8.5: VPN for up to 250 tunnels, CIFS Integrity Monitoring, redundancy function, metal housing, slot for SD memory card, extended temperature range, high-performance firewall/VPN: up to 124 Mbps / 40 Mbps
Supported browsers HTTPS support required
Processor 330 MHz
Status and diagnostic indicators LEDs:P1, P2, Fault, State, Error, LAN, WAN
Signal contact control voltage 24 V DC (typical)
Signal contact control current 250 mA (short-circuit-proof)
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Security functions

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) support Server or Relay Agent
Network Time Protocol (NTP) client Client
Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) As per protocol 802.2
Remote Syslog Logging On externals server
Virtual private network (VPN) throughput max. 40 Mbps (Router mode, VPN bidirectional throughput)
max. 27 Mbps (Stealth mode, VPN bidirectional throughput)
Number of VPN tunnels 250 (Firmware 8.5 or later)
Encryption methods DES, 3DES, AES-128, -192, -256
Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) mode ESP tunnel / ESP transport
Authentication X.509v3 certificates with RSA or PSK
Data integrity MD5, SHA-1, SHA 256, SHA-512
1:1 Network Address Translation (NAT) in the VPN Supported
Firewall data throughput max. 124 Mbps (Router mode, default firewall rules, bidirectional throughput)
max. 61 Mbps (Stealth mode, default firewall rules, bidirectional throughput)
Firewall rules Configurable stateful inspection firewall with full scope of functions, deep packet inspection for OPC classic
Filtering MAC and IP addresses, ports, protocols
Protection against IP spoofing, DoS and Syn Flood Protection
Routing Standard routing, NAT, 1:1-NAT, port forwarding
*** Tham khảo thêm bài viết về công nghệ CIFS trong Fl Mguard dùng bảo vệ hệ thông công nghiệp chống lại nguy cơ từ Virus theo link