ETD-SL-1T-DTF – 2866161 Rơ le thời gian đa chức năng

Mã sản phẩm: ETD-SL-1T-DTF - 2866161


Mô tả:

ETD-SL-1T-DTF - 2866161 Rơ le thời gian đa chức năng của Phoenix contact với khả năng chỉnh thời gian từ 50ms tới 100h theo 8 function khác và 2 tiếp điểm cảnh báo (2PDT).


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Thông tin kỹ thuật:

Tính năng chính

  • Universal use thanks to wide range of functions and selectable time ranges
  • Time ranges from a few milliseconds to several days
  • 2 floating PDT outputs
  • Variable supply voltage range

Thông số cuộn hút

Input voltage range 24 V DC ... 240 V DC -20 % ... +25 %
24 V AC ... 240 V AC -15 % ... +10 %
Temperature sensitivity ≤ 0.01 %/K
Function E: With switch-on delay
Rs: With release delay and control contact
Es: With switch-on delay and control contact
Wu: With single shot leading edge, voltage controlled
Ws: With single shot leading edge and control contact
Wa: With single shot trailing edge and control contact
Bi: Flashing beginning with pulse
Bp: Flashing beginning with pause
Setting range time 50 ms ... 100 h (7 time end ranges)
Recovery time 500 ms
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Thông số tiếp điểm

Contact type 2 floating PDT contacts
Maximum switching voltage 250 V AC (in acc. with IEC 60664-1)
Interrupting rating (ohmic load) max. 750 VA (3 A/250 V AC, module aligned, ≤ 5 mm spacing)
1250 VA (5 A/250 V AC, module not aligned, ≥ 5 mm spacing)
Output fuse 5 A (fast-blow)
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Status display Green LED (POWER)
Yellow LED (relay active)
Mechanical service life approx. 2x 107 cycles
Nominal power consumption 2.5 VA (1 W)
Test voltage relay winding/relay contact 4 kV
Mounting position any
Assembly instructions on standard DIN rail NS 35 in accordance with EN 60715
Color green
Housing insulation material Polyamide PA, self-extinguishing
Permissible humidity (operation) 15 % ... 85 %
Nominal frequency 48 Hz ... 63 Hz