VAL-MS 1000DC-PV/2+V-FM – 2800627 Chống sét 1000DC

Mã sản phẩm: VAL-MS 1000DC-PV/2+V-FM-2800627


Mô tả:

VAL-MS 1000DC-PV/2+V-FM-2800627 chống sét cấp 2 dòng cho 1 đường nguồn  Solar ( 3 dây ) . VAL-MS 1000DC-PV/2+V-FM-2800627 có điện áp tối đa 1000VDC , dòng cắt tối đa ( dây + hoặc - ) với đất 40kA ( 8/20us) chuyên dụng cho các hệ solar áp mái.

Tham khảo cách xác định trạng thái dòng chống sét type 2-3 của Phoenix theo link

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Sơ đồ đấu nối ( Wiring diagram)

Catalog & user manual VAL-MS 1000DC-PV/2+V-FM - 2800627

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Thông số kỹ thuật chi tiết

IEC test classification PV II
EN type T2
SPD failure behavior OCM (Open-circuit mode)
Connection configuration Y configuration
Installation location Interior zone
Accessibility Accessible
Installation location of the disconnect device Internal
Mode of protection (L+) - (L-)
(L+) - PE
(L-) - PE
Mounting type DIN rail: 35 mm
Color jet black RAL 9005
Housing material PA 6.6-FR
Degree of pollution 2
Distance between live and grounded parts 8 mm
Flammability rating according to UL 94 V-0
Type DIN rail module, two-section, divisible
Surge protection fault message Optical, remote indicator contact
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Additional descriptions

Note The device is intended for touch proof installation in a housing. Ensure that there is a gap of at least 8 mm between the active and grounded parts in the connection area.
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Protective circuit DC voltage side (DC)

Maximum continuous operating voltage UCPV 1170 V DC
Short-circuit current rating ISCPV 2000 A
Continuous operating current ICPV < 20 µA
Rated load current IL 80 A
Residual current IPE ≤ 20 µA DC
≤ 250 µA AC
Standby power consumption PC ≤ 25 mVA
Nominal discharge current (8/20) µs 15 kA
Maximum discharge current Imax (8/20) µs 40 kA
Total discharge current Itotal (8/20) µs 40 kA
Voltage protection level Up ≤ 3.7 kV
Residual voltage Ures ≤ 3.7 kV (at In)
≤ 3.1 kV (at 5 kA)
≤ 3.5 kV (at 10 kA)
≤ 4 kV (at 20 kA)
≤ 4.6 kV (at 30 kA)
≤ 5 kV (at 40 kA)
Response time tA ≤ 25 ns
Insulation resistance Riso > 5 GΩ (at 500 V DC)